About Us

Synect is a small team of innovative and experienced individuals. We pride ourselves on delivering effective solutions to our customers.

Each member's broad skill base enables close involvement in each stage of the development lifecycle. This leads to a greater understanding of our customers' requirements and an even better end solution.

The Team

The team is headed by Synect's Operations Manager Shelley Eitzen, an Oracle-certified Developer with over 10 years' experience in analysis, design, development and project management. Shelley has travelled extensively during her career and worked on a variety of systems around Australia, the US, the UK and Ireland.

Heidi Davidson is the Finance Manager. She loves to help people so if you have a Synect related finance question please do not hesitate to contact her

Robert Moerixbauer is the lead developer. He has over 10 years of development and system administration experience. Robert is passionate about building valuable online solutions using the best tools and technologies for the task, and when you hear the war stories of some of the projects he's rescued it's not hard to understand why.

Damien Uern has a great aptitude for learning and has quickly conquered all the technology we use, our systems and standards and has worked on most of Synect's customer projects.

Luke Skibinski, a recent graduate, has learned to adapt quickly to different technologies and changing customer requirements. An artist by nature, he uses his creative flair to tackle problem solving from a different perspective and to enhance Synect's custom applications and end user's experience.

Carmen Grantham is a developer with over 10 years experience in design and development of database driven solutions for the web and desktop. Her experience is varied with a blend of Microsoft and open source technologies, her specialty is finding the best combination to create a timely and efficient solution.